Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Play Blueprint with enhanced features


alex-naspe-blueprintIn this exclusive interview, we engage with Alex Naspe, the Head of Marketing at Blueprint Gaming, to delve into the success of their latest release, “Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Play 3.” Alex will share insights into how this new title builds upon the accomplishments of its predecessors. From the incorporation of appealing new features to the tailored approach for diverse player segments, we uncover the meticulous planning and considerations that Blueprint Gaming invests in to ensure a captivating and inclusive gaming experience. Join us as we navigate the landscape of online slots with Alex Naspe, gaining valuable perspectives on game development, player preferences, and the dynamic adaptations made for diverse global audiences.

Congratulations on being selected as ‘Slot of the Week’ across our entire network with the new title, “Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Play 3”! How does this slot continue the success of the previous ones in the series?

First and foremost, thank you for picking Luck O’ The Irish as your slot of the week, it’s always extremely validating to see affiliates and their communities react well to our new releases.
This slot takes all of the familiar features that made the previous iterations in this franchise so successful (such as Fortune Play) and offers even more to keep players entertained. This includes the addition of four fixed jackpots and powerful Leprechaun super collector symbols, which instantly gather all cash values in view and reset the spin counter to three during Money Spins.

Could you provide an overview of the key features of the game, particularly focusing on the Mystery Symbols and how they contribute to the gameplay experience?

luck-o-the-irish-fortune-play-3-slotSuper stacked mystery symbols are one of the defining features of Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Play 3 and they play a huge role in making it such an exciting title.
When super stacked mystery symbols land on any of the game’s reels they can reveal the same symbol at random, including cash values. There are games out there that do something similar to this, but don’t they allow for special symbols to land that trigger bonuses.
We wanted to make sure that not only would players be on the edge of their seats in anticipation of a big winning spin, but that they were also excited to potentially trigger the Money Spins feature as well.

Money Spins seem to be a distinctive element in this slot game. Can you elaborate on how players can trigger Money Spins and what opportunities these spins offer for collecting prizes or hitting the Cashpot? Additionally, could you explain the role of the Lucky Leprechaun in this feature?

Whenever players land three or more cash symbols on the game reels it will automatically trigger the Money Spins feature. This hold and spin style feature can see players land special symbols that reset the spins every time one lands.
Not only do high-value cash symbols land on the reels for the duration of the bonus, but players can also trigger one of the four cashpot jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The win potential is elevated further when the Lucky Leprechaun makes an appearance, who will collect all the cash in view.
Hold and Spin features are the hot commodity in the world of online slots right now and they have been incredibly well received in previous Luck of the Irish titles. Because of this we knew it would’ve been foolish of us not to implement one into this latest release.

The target player market for “Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Play 3” includes volatile slot players and those with a street style slot preference. How did Blueprint Gaming tailor the game to meet the preferences and expectations of these specific player segments?

Whenever we develop a roadmap for the months and years ahead, we always have a diverse range of games in the pipeline that will appeal to a large variety of different players.
We are incredibly mindful that player preferences differ across territories, which is why our titles are adapted on a local basis to reflect this.
We know from past releases that the Luck O’ The Irish franchise appeals to a certain type of player who enjoys volatile gameplay and certain features, and we want to ensure that each new release keeps in line with their expectations. There’s nothing to be gained from reinventing the wheel or implementing a feature that alienates a player base.

Considering the supported jurisdictions and languages for the game, could you share insights into the considerations and adaptations made to ensure an engaging and inclusive gaming experience for players across different regions and language preferences?

blueprint-logoBroadly speaking, we like to see consistency across jurisdictions as that’s the most efficient method when it comes to developing content. However, in this imperfect world, we do find ourselves making some subtle changes to fall in line with regulations for each territory.
Our Jackpot King progressive system is a great example of this. Firstly, we tailor the product to suit the operator, ensuring an engaging product which meets their needs.
We then adapt and certify different versions of Jackpot King per region, this way we are sure the individual user experience remains market-leading, but we are also adhering to the latest regulations.
Looking at it from a wider perspective, we’ll always look at slot themes, mechanics and brands that resonate with players in a specific jurisdiction. We are always learning from game performance and remain open-minded when it comes to our future approach.

In conclusion, talking to Alex Naspe gave us a good look into what makes “Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Play 3” special. We learned about the cool new features and how Blueprint Gaming focuses on what players like. Alex also shared how they make sure the game follows the rules in different places. It’s clear that Blueprint Gaming is serious about making games that people enjoy, and this interview gave us a peek into their plans for keeping players happy! 

Author: Joseph Thompson