Zeus the Thunderer Tournament Mascot Gaming SBC Summit Barcelona!

Zeus the Thunderer Tournament Mascot Gaming SBC Summit Barcelona!

Welcome to this interview with Mascot Gaming, organizers of the Zeus the Thunderer Tournament at SBC Summit Barcelona. They focused on an immersive experience, showcasing their game Zeus the Thunderer, offering a chance to win an iPhone. The game stands out for its mythological theme and engaging features, emphasizing Mascot Gaming’s commitment to innovation. In this interview, we explore their objectives for the event and their new game releases, including Paper Lanterns and their ventures into Artificial Intelligence.

Can you provide more details about the Zeus the Thunderer Tournament you have organized at the SBC Summit Barcelona? What is the main objective of this tournament?

In addition to showcasing our innovative games and technology, we’ve really gone the extra mile to create an immersive experience at the SBC Summit. We’ve constructed a fabulous stand with outstanding scenery that complements the rich thematic elements of our games. And that’s not all! We’re hosting a tournament for a deluxe version of our legendary game, Zeus the Thunderer. To add even more excitement, participants have the chance to win a brand-new iPhone! The main objective remains the same: to provide a hands-on experience of the exceptional quality and engagement that our games offer, all while offering a taste of the luxury and excitement that Mascot Gaming brings to the table.

I hope this gives a more comprehensive view of what we have in store for attendees at the SBC Summit Barcelona. We’re pulling out all the stops to make it an unforgettable event!

Could you tell us about the game Zeus the Thunderer and why you chose it?

Zeus the Thunderer is not just another slot game; it’s a carefully crafted experience that has enchanted players with its mythological theme, engaging gameplay, and captivating graphics. We’ve selected it for the tournament precisely because it embodies the innovation and storytelling that we pride ourselves on. What makes this even more exciting is that we’ve decided to adjust this particular slot with our extended version of the Risk&Buy feature, which also includes the Gamble feature. This allows players to engage in an even more dynamic and risky gameplay, raising the stakes and the thrills. These extra layers of excitement and decision-making elevate Zeus the Thunderer from a game to a journey, demonstrating the depth and complexity that Mascot Gaming brings to the online casino experience.

Considering the significant scale at the SBC Summit Barcelona conference, what are your expectations for this year’s event, and what specific goals do you hope to achieve within this event?

Given the significant scale of the SBC Summit, our expectations are set high. We aim to make a memorable impression on industry stakeholders, potential media partners, and decision-makers who will be in attendance. Specific goals include solidifying existing partnerships, exploring new media collaborations, and entering into discussions that will allow us to extend our reach into new jurisdictions.

Do you have any interesting news for our readers? Maybe about new special releases for Christmas?

We’re never short of exciting news at Mascot Gaming! I’m thrilled to announce that we have released our first crash game, Paper Lanterns. This game features the innovative capability of placing several bets simultaneously, all wrapped in a calming Western setting. It promises a unique blend of tension and tranquility that we believe players will find irresistible. But that’s not all! We are also conducting research in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence to explore how it could enhance the gaming experience. So yes, the sky’s truly the limit for what’s coming next from Mascot Gaming! With these forthcoming releases and initiatives, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in online gaming. Thank you for letting me share these exciting developments!
In addition to showcasing our innovative games and technology, we’ve really gone the extra mile to create an immersive experience at the SBC Summit.

Mascot Gaming’s approach to the Zeus the Thunderer Tournament at SBC Summit Barcelona demonstrates their dedication to immersive gaming experiences. Players can enjoy both the free slots Zeus the Thunderer and Paper Lanterns in demo version, with no registration required here on Slots-777. 

Author: Joseph Thompson